Paisley Sian, your home for preppy, high fashion, luxury, travel wear, vacation luggage, cute, comfy shoes for moms and teachers. Your mother's day, birthday gift, Christmas present, bridal party, College game day, sorority sister, one stop shop for fun!


A little bit about the designer :

18 years ago I rolled into graphic design and fell head over heals, in love with it. I started out designing birth announcements, Christmas cards, stationery and wedding invitations. That soon became logo design and marketing materials for businesses. Then it kind of became "Anything Paper" we would produce it. Then along came vinyl amd embroidery for monograms and personalization. Which opened up a whole new world!

Eleven years ago I stumbled into manufacturing and wholesaling craft blanks. The business grew to such a state that we needed a much larger facility than "our home."

God used this to change my heart and make me willing to move our family to the country. I mean, smack, dab, in the middle of nowhere. This was the absolute, BEST move for us. It literally saved my husband's life and brought out the best in our kiddos. They thrived in school, SLOWED WAYYYYYYY DOWN, fished a ton, learned all kinds of cool skills, and learned how to live in a tiny home, stacked on top of each We took some incredible vacations and made tons of memories. .  

Through the last 7 years, we got hit by a tornado, my husband got super sick and then sooooooo much better, and I was no longer interested in designing at all, let alone continuing my business. I just survived and savored my time with the kiddos.

The summer we moved to the country, seven years ago, was the summer that I designed the initial patterns presented by Paisley Sian. I froze and couldn't figure out exactly what God wanted me to do with them. This summer, 2023, as I pondered what my next step in life would be, as my husband and I approached empty-nesting, God said, "Psst, remember those beautiful patterns you designed? Want to do something amazing with them?"

One week later... Beautiful creations just began to flow again onto products I had only dreamed of in the past!!!

A month has passed and I feel like I have my footing. The website is settled, and the name has morphed. The brand name is Paisley Sian for a reason.

I knew I wanted the initials to be "PS" - Post Script, there's more to the story, it's ever changing ongoing and truly, never over.

PAISLEY means "church... Peace... Peaceful"

SIAN (my pronunciation - long I... si-an) means "God is Gracious!!!!" ohhhhhh so very GRACIOUS!!!!!

So y'all, join me in celebrating Paisley Sian

Have fun perusing the shop. I'm excited to share, there are many, many more beautiful designs and products on the horizon!

Please share with your family and friends. Pass the word along. We will soon have registries, wish lists, gift cards, pre-buys with savings and wholesale for boutiques.

If you made it this far... Thank you for your prayers and patience over the last several years as I sat in Jesus arms and savored. No place I'd rather be.
Love you God size!

PS - Jeremiah 18:1-6
Mold me and make me into your desire for my life, oh Lord.
Put a little PREP in your step